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Winter Scene

  • Mini-Nav: At the very top of the site to the right of the “logo” are three links. One for the contact us page, one for directions to your store and the other to return people back to the home page. On mouseover, the red text will turn black. If the site is on the page already the text will remain black. To the right of that, we will do a shot of your new location exterior. Shown is just a stand-in. Clicking that will take the user to a special page that will be half about the move, etc. and half ad for whatever special you want to run.
  • Main Nav: Below the “minnav” is the main navigation area of the website. The five major sections (the ones we want people to focus on) are listed here; Hardwood Flooring, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl Flooring, Laminate, and Carpets & Rugs. These white buttons will change to a bright yellow link on mouseover. When one of these is the active page the button will remain yellow.
  • Business Card: The address and phone number are easily visible at the top of the page. The design directs the eye to the phone number at the right
  • Building Blocks Feature: The 8 blocks beneath the header are your photo feature and enticement to pick a product group. The block isn’t animated but the tiles will slowly change from picture to picture over time and some will be color blocks with faded text over them.
  • Advertisement Space: At the bottom, above a footer with copyright info, will be a space to run weekly specials (ads you do elsewhere or something you have us make). This is an inset rounded corner box that will draw the user’s eye to the final option on the home page. We can have this click to a more detailed sale page or just leave it static.
  • Store Hours: As before,

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