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Our Team

Finger Lakes Partners Insurance Services, Inc., an independent insurance agency with offices in Geneva and Waterloo was formed in September of 2007 with the combination of Chacchia & Parrott, Inc. and Henry Shepard Smith, Inc. two well-established agencies with a history dating back to 1900.

Chacchia & Parrott was formed in 1994 when the former D. Chacchia & Son Agency and Fink & Parrott-Rapalee Agency merged. Dan Chacchia’s grandfather started his agency in 1924. John Parrott’s father joined the Fink Agency upon his return from World War II. John Hovey joined the agency in 1981.

Henry-Shepard-Smith was formed in 1965, the result of a merger between The Shepard Agency and the D. Max Henry Agency. Bruce Teague started with the agency in 1973 and Edward Boudreau joined the company in 1998. Starting in 1977 and over the next several years, Henry-Shepard-Smith acquired the Edward Sabine Agency, the Thomas Sweeney & Sons Agency and the W.E. Rogers Agency.



John H. Hovey, LUTCF

Customer Service

Lisa R. Wimmer

Office Manager

Laura G. Everdyke

Accounting Manager

Brandy L. Avedisian

Customer Service Representative

Sandra R. Brennan

Customer Service Representative

Amy Moracco

Customer Service Representative

Kristine A. Ridley

Customer Service Representative

Tammy L. Yells


Christina Lana

Customer Service Representative

Erica Butts

Customer Service Representative

Kyla Olmstead

Customer Service Representative